• One child points as other children and a park ranger look in that direction.

    Kids in Parks

A drawing of a ranger and 5 kids fishing beside a river.

Become a Junior Ranger Angler!

Get reeled into fishing with the new Junior Ranger Let's Go Fishing! Activity Book. We encourage everyone to explore national park to have safe & enjoyable fishing experiences. We also want new Junior Ranger Anglers, like you, to learn about the many aspects of fishing, aquatic habitats and fishing safety, and lastly, protect native fish and the habitats on which they depend on.

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a brown-colored bear

Brooks Falls Bear Cam

Now you can follow the lives of the brown bears of Brooks River in Katmai National Park from anywhere with an internet connection.
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Wild and Scenic Rivers

Wild and Scenic Rivers

Join us in celebrating a half century of protecting some of our greatest rivers for the enjoyment of present and future generations.
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shows three girls, one holding Junior Ranger badge

Expore Nature: Camp!

Camping in the great outdoors transforms a regular old road trip into an epic experience. So pack your tent. Adventure awaits!
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a group of children excitedly jumping in unison with hands raised

Discovering LA's Backyard

Are you a Fourth-grader? 19,000 of your closest pals are having fun and learning cool stuff at Santa Monica Mountains NRA with "Every Kid in a Park" festivities.
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an iPad shows an app being used by a boy to digitally add a moustache, glasses and colonial attire to an image of himself

Junior Ranger Apps

Imagine a€“ you're in class and you've just been called on to tell everything you know about the Liberty Bell. Don't sweat! Get the answers and earn a Junior Ranger badge by downloading free apps!
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Shows a pile of Junior Ranger badges and says National Park Junior Rangers.

Bark Rangers

Grab your pooch and come out for a fun day of yelping and tail wagging while exploring Friendship Hill NHS. BARK Ranger teaches owners on how to help protect the park and earn a badge for rover.
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