Freedom of Information Act

Please visit individual park websites for specific documents related to a park that you cannot find here. To find these documents visit a park's homepage and click on the Park Management section.

Department of Interior FOIA regulations, instructions, and general information can be found on the Department of the Interior's FOIA page. DOI FOIA regulations (Last Updated December 20, 2016)

NPS Uses Multi-track Processing of FOIA Requests- In accordance with 43 CFR 2.15, the NPS uses four processing tracks based on the amount of time required for a request to be processed: Simple, 1-5 workdays; Normal, 20 workdays; Complex, over 20 workdays; and Exceptional / Voluminous which will take over 60 workdays to process.

NPS FOIA Library
Current and completed FOIA Materials. Formerly known as FOIA Reading Room.

NPS FOIA Officers

You can file a FOIA request electronically by using the DOI FOIA Request Form.

When using the online form, if you do not receive an acknowledgment of your request from the NPS within 48-72 hours, please contact the NPS FOIA Officer.

Use Form 10-945 for requesting copies of reports from the Incident Management Analysis and Reporting System (IMARS), such as motor vehicle accidents, under the Privacy Act. Form 10-339 should no longer be used.

Last updated: January 28, 2019